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INGCO Electric Spray Gun

INGCO Electric Spray Gun


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Product Description:

Voltage: 220v-240V
Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
Power: 60 watts
Tank Capacity: 800ml
Speed Lock
Max Viscosity: 30DIN-sec
Pump Piston: Special Steel 5.5mm Double Isolation
Max Delivery: 160ml/min
Nozzle Diameter: .6 mm, .8mm
Length Of power cord : Approximatelt 60cm.

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It can be used with:

House Emulsions and Distempers. House Latex and Plastic based House Paints. Acrylic and Urethane Paints for House. Enamel Paints for Metal, Wood and House. Synthetic Dye for Priming Coat. Synthetic Paint. Textured Wood Paint Priming Coat for Textured Walls ,Rust Proof Coat and more!

This is one of the best products you will buy for painting your home or office. It is manufactured by Ingco which is world renowned for its tools worldover.

This is much more powerful as compared to paintzoom or similar paint spraying machines sold in Pakistan. As a matter of fact we highly recommend this product over paint zoom which is one of our bestselling products. One advantage of the Ingco paint sprayer over and above paintzoom is that paintzoom tends to get hot with approximately 10-15 minutes of usage, whereas this product does not heat up so fast.

Another advantage that this Ingco spray painting machine has over paint zoom is that you do not need to carry the motor on your shoulder as it is inbuilt with the spray gun. The spray gun comes with thick and comfortable grip which allows you to paint easily and for as long as you wish. This home/office paint sprayer can be used easily by anybody and does not need any specialized training. At the back side of the spray gun is the spray adjustment knob with which you can easily adjust the flow of the paint.

INGCO Electric Spray Gun



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